• MISSING: Aug 2012
  • MISSING: Sep 2012
  • MISSING: Oct 2012

Missing: Aug 2012

Robert Clayton, paleolinguist

Former Reader, Pembroke College, Cambridge University. Author of Silent Spell: A Global Perspective on Primitive Rhythmic Invocations with Particular Reference to the Glottal Stop and Northwest. Funding cut after revelations about his sexual liaisons with students appeared in the national press.

Entered vault: Aug 2012

Last known location: refer to soundfile #7834B

Eric J. Holden, mining consultant

Freelance. Primary surveyor on Tunguskan well operations for EarthFutures, Inc. Middle and ring fingers on left hand fused together in foundry accident. Round the world yacht racer.

Entered vault: Aug 2012

Last known location: inner perimeter

Salima Khattana, locksmith

Orphan. Raised in Birmingham; learned trade skills in inner city estates after running away from adoptive home. Attached to British Army, supposed connection with MI5. Sings in thrash metal band Tigerbox.

Entered vault: Aug 2012

Last known location: Devil’s Tumblers

Missing: Sep 2012

Fernando Marins, mountaineer

Head chef, Tlacopan restaurant, San Francisco. Fled city accused of attempted murder of Emily Gwen, food critic, SF Enquirer. Played midfield in semi-pro soccer team for seven years.

Entered vault: Sep 2012

Last known location: Harvester.

Adam Tryst, UNIX system administrator

Father of Joseph, William and Elizabeth. Recently made redundant with entire division as result of outsourcing. Displays severe parasomnia. May possess limited ability to perceive the future.

Entered vault: Sep 2012

Last known location: refer to soundfile #7722X

Daniel Lucas, cryptographer

Autistic. Champion, Texan Puzzle Olympiad 2003-2007, 2009-2011. Inventor of the LTC moving-root recursive cipher. Subject to several outstanding restraining orders in greater Austin area.

Entered vault: Sep 2012

Last known location: sub-level 2.

Reported sighting: Manila airport, Nov 2012.

Missing: Oct 2012

Lucy Herzog, comic artist

Early career in girls’ annuals Klugemädchen and Katzen Verrückt! Moved to Berlin 1999 and became part of underground women’s art squat. Outstanding warrants in Germany for arson, GBH and insider trading.

Entered vault: Oct 2012

Last known location: Convection corridors.


Of uncertain geographical origin. Former strongman with Pavlov & Karlov Travelling Circus, 80s–90s. Circus shut down after direct action by animal rights activists. Runs website documenting TV series Bewitched in intricate detail.

Entered vault: Oct 2012

Last known location: Reflection gate #2.

Deborah O’Loughlin, demolitions

Served prison time in the late Eighties for drunk driving and public disorder offences. Expert in theatrical makeup and stage pyrotechnics. Mother of three. Trained pilot.

Entered vault: Oct 2012

Last known location: South exit vent.

Reported sighting: The State Hospital, Carstairs, Sep 2012.


Comic artist

The Dread Code project requires an artist for a graphic novel with a Lovecraftian flavour. It’s Reservoir Dogs meets The Exorcist; Ocean’s Eleven at the gates of Hell; it’s The Blair Witch Project in a bank.

We need dynamic figure work and an appetite for the arcane. Most importantly, we need a professional attitude and a willingness to commit to an entire 90–100 page graphic novel. We’ll pay the right person, of course; initially for sample pages to use in a publisher pitch.

If this sounds like you, please send some artwork samples to dreadcoderecruitment@gmail.com. We’d particularly like to see full page layouts. Dread Code accepts no responsibility for physical or psychological harm incurred as a result of your expedition into the vault.

Dread Code is a 360 Narratives project, supported by Playwrights’ Studio Scotland and Creative Scotland.

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